Emerging Trends in Continuing Education: Technological Innovation and Best Practices from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs


Ginny Dickman, LCSW


Brian Gilman, LMSW
Keith Welsh, LCSW

Join Keith Welsh and Brian Gilman as they explore online/distance learning and gamification/simulation learning.  Presenters will review new legislation that requires the VA to train community-based clinicians in veteran-centric care as well as TRAIN, an exciting platform that allows social work learners to access high-quality, no-cost continuing education.

Learning objectives:

After this session, participants should be able to:

  1. Cite no less than three technology-related advancements that serve as enablers to continuing education.
  2. Identify the new law that requires the VA to train community-based clinicians and medical providers in veteran-centric care.
  3. Explain how social work learners can utilize TRAIN to access no-cost continuing education.

Presenter information:

Brian Gilman, LMSW, is an accreditation specialist in the support division of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Employee Education System. Brian has been proud to serve our nation’s veterans since 2006; while working for VHA, he pursued his social work degree at Stony Brook University. Brian is a “technophile extraordinaire”—after managing a Best Buy “Geek Squad” in his pre-social work life, he currently custom-builds computers for his friend’s computer gaming store.

Keith Welsh, LCSW, is the support division director for the Veterans Health Administration Employee Education System. Keith is a health systems administrator and has been employed with VHA since 2007. Keith is also a veteran who uses VHA for his own health care, is a certified EMDR therapist in private practice, and has practiced social work on five continents.


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